About Tim Sorbs

Tim Sorbs is a multi-instrumentalist currently living in Las Vegas Nevada. He is a Drummer at heart but is currently crafting a solo show like no other.

Seeing a Tim Sorbs performance is like going to a rock concert, comedy show, and childhood playground all at the same time!

With the summer 2017 release of the dramatic 15 track record 'Over My Heart', Tim finally released all the songs collecting cobwebs and moved on to the January 2018 release of 'Necessities and Vices'Give it a listen on his bandcamp.

Tim's 'Vinter' EP (Released Winter of 2017) shows a vulnerable side to the otherwise overly produced and energetic performer.

With the recent release of his first music video for the Single 'Love Her Love' Tim has taken his performance art to new heights. Stay tuned and follow Tim for more updates on upcoming releases and shows!